Asian Diet

Asian diets are typically rich in fish, rice, noodles, soy, fruits and vegetables and tea and contain substantial amounts of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, protein, iron and calcium. In contrast, the traditional Western diet is high in fats, especially of animal origin, dairy products and meat, especially red meat
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The researchers are planning to further explore the impact of the Asian diet on brain health in aging.
The "typical" Asian diet is anything but: Differences in dietary exposure to metals among subgroups of U.
Meat plays a "peripheral role" in the Asian diet, and this vegetarian cookbook reflects this, focusing instead on the wealth of fresh produce that home cooks are increasingly dishing up from farmers markets, community-supported agriculture shares, and their own gardens.
Weight Management: EatLess[TM] fermented satiety complex is one of the hottest ingredients in the Asian Diet marketplace.
The traditional Asian diet is low in saturated fats, and high in carbohydrates (e.
Carbohydrates contribute to over 60% of the usual Pakistani or South Asian diet.
Men who eat an Asian diet don't have prostate cancer in nearly the same incidence as people who eat a Western diet.
Much has been written in the past decade about the Mediterranean diet and the Asian diet both of which are high in Essential Fatty Acids and beneficial oils, like olive oil.
The type of soy isoflavone supplement was similar to the type commonly used in soy supplements available in the United States, and the dosage was equivalent to approximately twice the amount of soy isoflavones ingested from foods in a typical Asian diet.
The Asian diet contains soy isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens that may be considered the counterpart of lignans.
The traditional Asian diet has been reported to possess a low amount of total fat, saturated fat but a high ratio of polyunsaturated fat (Wu-Tso, et al.
However, diet "doesn't seem likely, when you think of the Asian diet versus the Western diet.
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