Asarum canadense

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A·sa·rum can·a·dense

an aromatic stimulant and diaphoretic.
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Our diffusion-model results for Asarum canadense suggest that accidental, long-distance dispersal events occurred with a frequency of 0.
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The laboratory experiment portion of our study consisted of a series of cafeteria experiments to determine whether predation of caches of Asarum canadense seeds by single Peromyscus leucopus (white-footed mouse) individuals would be affected by the presence or absence of elaiosomes.
001) affect the number of Asarum canadense seeds remaining in seed depots (Table 1).
In our laboratory experiment, the presence or absence of elaiosomes did significantly affect the percent of Asarum canadense seeds consumed by mice (t = 2.
Seed dispersing ants provide advantages to seeds of Asarum canadense primarily through burial and elaiosome removal.