Artificial Pancreas

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An insulin delivery device designed to control glucose levels and optimally deliver insulin to a patient whose islet cells don’t secrete enough insulin
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FDA's approval of an artificial pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes.
These include making out-of-pocket costs for insulin and other life-saving diabetes tools more predictable and reasonable, ensuring people have the freedom to choose the insulin pump that's right for them, and covering artificial pancreas systems, a life-changing breakthrough that is quickly improving the lives of people with T1D.
Last year, the FDA approved an artificial pancreas system that will revolutionize diabetes care by automatically controlling blood glucose levels.
WASHINGTON--Four separate research projects are attempting to close in on the creation of an artificial pancreas that can win regulatory approval and be marketed.
SCIENTISTS have developed an artificial pancreas that can be a "game changer" for diabetes treatment.
Type 2 diabetes is such an overwhelming spectrum of the disease and I think there's a significant slice of that pie that could benefit from the artificial pancreas," said Dr.
The Medtronics MiniMed 670G artificial pancreas is approved for people 14 years of age and older with type 1 diabetes.
SAN DIEGO -- A Food and Drug Administration official told diabetes educators that her agency is carefully monitoring the growth of an unusual development in diabetes care: the do-it-yourself artificial pancreas.
The global artificial vital organs and medical bionics market segmentation is based on product types (artificial vital organs -artificial heart - total artificial heart, artificial kidney - hemodialysis machines, artificial liver - artificial pancreas, insulin pumps, artificial lungs, heart-lung bypass machines, oxygenators, bionics - ear bionics, vision bionics, exoskeletons, bionic limbs, bionic leg, bionic hand, brain bionics, spinal cord stimulators, deep brain stimulators, vagus nerve stimulators, cardiac bionics, ventricular assist device, left ventricular assist device, right ventricular assist device, heart valves - mechanical heart valves, biological tissue valves, transcatheter heart valves).
GlobalData's Medical Devices sector report, "Artificial Pancreas - Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2016" provides an overview of Artificial Pancreas currently in pipeline stage.
If the so-called artificial pancreas system performs in patients as hoped, it could lead to commercial trials and eventual regulatory approval in the United States and abroad.
ABSTRACT: This work is an approach to check the controllability and Observability of the model for automatic artificial pancreas to design the feedback control.