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a fertilizing agent added to agricultural soils, in the form of an added chemical, or manure.


material added to soil to improve its fertility by adding to its chemical composition. Usually infers a chemical agent such as superphosphate but blood and bone and kelp humus are included also. Some of them, e.g. calcium cyanamide, ammonium sulfate, urea, can cause poisoning.

Patient discussion about fertilizer

Q. i just have my period last november 25 and ended on 28.when is my possible fertile and ovulation period please help me identify my fertile and ovulation period

A. If someone knew it, it'd solve the human race many problems with fertility. The problem is that ovulation (and thus, the period of possible fertility) happens 14 days BEFORE the onset of menses, so you know about it only retrospectively.

However there ways such as serial body temperature measuring, along with kits that measures the level of hormones in the urine in order to estimate the time of the coming ovulation, and help in timing intercourse.

You may read more about it here (www.mayoclinic.com/health/ovulation-signs/AN01521 ) but anyway, consulting a doctor (e.g. gynecologist) may be wise.

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When one pit is full, the human waste ( mixed with soil and ash ( can be used as compost, a huge benefit in a country where soil quality is poor and artificial fertiliser expensive.
That usually comes from holier-than-thou, city-dwelling vegetarians, or even holier vegans, who don't seem to know that you'd be pushed to grow crops year after year without animal manure or artificial fertiliser from the highly-polluting petrochemical industry.
THE soaring cost of artificial fertiliser and a shortage of supplies are the latest problems to hit the farming industry.
To achieve organic status Malcolm has had to cut the stock of ewes from 1,100 to 800 and has had to stop using artificial fertiliser, any chemicals and antibiotics, with only homeopathic remedies now being used.
Fertiliser use is minimal and includes farmyard manure on most cut fields plus a small application of artificial fertiliser.
Has Haskins ever tried to spread artificial fertiliser granules on a 45 degree slope hillside?
The next step will be to have adjacent strips of crops which are not sprayed and are not treated with artificial fertiliser, which encourages insect life as food for birds.
Chemicals and artificial fertilisers kill living organisms in the soil.
6 MTD after the expansion in 2016 of an export-oriented artificial fertilisers unit (60 MTD).
Unlike artificial fertilisers the company's product has no negative effect on soil and plants and offers a competitive price.
In addition, they can use the bio-fertiliser produced by the AD process to replace some of the artificial fertilisers they would otherwise have to buy.
The digestate produced as a by-product of the plant is an excellent fertiliser and will be used on our farm as an alternative to artificial fertilisers.