Artificial Pancreas

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An insulin delivery device designed to control glucose levels and optimally deliver insulin to a patient whose islet cells don’t secrete enough insulin
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The JewelPUMP, with its unique accuracy and safety features, offers an ideal platform to develop new approaches for an artificial pancreas.
CEA-Leti and Diabeloop have formed a joint lab to develop an artificial pancreas to improve treatment for Type 1 diabetes patients.
WASHINGTON, Ramadan 15, 1436, July 02, 2015, SPA -- An implantable artificial pancreas that monitors glucose levels and delivers insulin as needed was shown to work in lab tests and will soon be tested with animals, researchers said, according to UPI.
A BRITISH woman has become the first ever diabetic to give birth naturally using an artificial pancreas to monitor blood/sugar levels.
The insulin pump aka artificial pancreas for diabetic children reduces the complications of hyperglycemia (i.
Medtronic plc is advancing the development and commercialization of artificial pancreas technology with new research demonstrating progress toward future innovations and new systems coming to market.
Doctors in Perth in Xavier's native Australia have built him what is effectively an artificial pancreas, an intelligent pump which makes sure his body has the right levels of the hormone insulin.
The sensor produced in this research is able to continuously detect acetone and measure blood sugar, and it can be used in controlling blood sugar of diabetic patients as a main part of the artificial pancreas.
ISLAMABAD -- Artificial pancreas could help control glucose levels in patients with Type 1 diabetes better than the conventional treatment, which involves an insulin pump, a new study shows.
Researchers from New South Wales have built a smartphone-linked 'bionic' pancreas that they believe is more accurate than the artificial pancreas, reported by Yahoo News.
A PIONEERING artificial pancreas has been hailed a success after the first long-term test of its use by patients.
Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson and several other companies also are working on artificial pancreas devices.