Agatston, Arthur

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Arthur, U.S. cardiologist.
Agatston score - in CT scanning, the measure of coronary calcium present.
Agatston method - protocol used for screening of coronary calcium.
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Dr Arthur Agatston, creator of the South Beach diet, said the Bread for Life diet could work if the right kind of bread was used.
These items are based on South Beach Diet "good carbohydrate" recipes which follow the meal plan popularized by Miami-based cardiologist Arthur Agatston.
com, a compelling interactive web property that provides tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, recipes, exercise routines, customized meal plans, and support from registered dietitians; the fully featured South Beach Diet mobile app, that offers premium content and the easiest to use, most feature-rich diet experience in mobile; and a continuing series of #1 New York Times Bestselling books, with over 23 million copies in print, written by renowned preventive cardiologist Arthur Agatston.
One of its critics was American doctor, Arthur Agatston, who was worried about its lack of carbs.
We believe that the EBT scan can be used to prevent most heart attacks and strokes," says Arthur Agatston, M.
Arthur Agatston, renowned founder of the South Beach Diet, who sits down with the ladies to discuss delicious ways to eliminate cravings for sugary foods and refined starches in Phase 1 of the program.
Arthur Agatston is a leading preventive cardiologist and an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine.
Arthur Agatston, author of the New York Times best-seller The South Beach Diet(TM) comments: "Dr.
DR ARTHUR AGATSTON We're into non-fiction this week with three brilliant blueprints for dealing with life.
Estos productos se basan en recetas de la dieta South Beach de "carbohidratos buenos" que siguen el plan de comidas popularizado por el cardiologo Arthur Agatston afincado en Miami.
Dr Arthur Agatston, author of the best-selling and recently relaunched diet book The South Beach Diet, recommends adding fibre to your diet to boost your weight loss efforts.
South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life by Arthur Agatston (pounds 12.