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Mr Dhasmana took up his post at Bristol in 1986 and began a programme of arterial switch surgery which lasted from February 1988 to January 1995.
He was the last of 20 young patients who died at Bristol Royal Infirmary following 38 arterial switch operations between February 1988 and January 1995.
5) An arterial switch procedure, developed by Jatene in 1975, offered a more definitive method of correction by transection and translocation of the great vessels, translocation of the coronary arteries, and establishment of "normal" ventriculoarterial connections.
Jenna joined Brody and Paul two days later where she found her baby hooked up to monitors in intensive care while medics assessed if he was strong enough for the arterial switch to correct his heart defect.
Baby Cathness needed arterial switch operation at the earliest and this operation was not done in Bahrain.
In terms of complex cases, he said most of the surgeries in this workshop are moderately complex and that the team will also perform an arterial switch procedure for a ten-month old baby.
Dad Brian, from Dromin, outside Kilmallock, Co Limerick, said: "The procedure to fix it is called an arterial switch.
Visiting doctors from San Donato Hospital in Milan and specialists from the DHA performed their first arterial switch operation in March 2011.
Surgeries of note include the first arterial switch ever performed in Iraq and successfully operating on an infant that was told by multiple doctors throughout Iraq that there was no hope for survival.
He was told chances of Talal's survival were bleak if an arterial switch surgery was not immediately performed.
We understand Ben was the second baby who underwent an arterial switch operation performed by heart surgeon Babulal Sethia.
Transcatheter closure of apical ventricular muscular septal defect combined with arterial switch operation in a newborn infant.