student of Abel Ayerza who wrote the thesis correlating clinical findings of Ayerza syndrome with pulmonary artery sclerosis.
Ayerza-Arrillaga disease - Synonym(s): Ayerza syndrome
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John Arrillaga, real-estate developer, $151m to Stanford University 8.
In the most recent Saturday, nearly 400 kids came out with cadres of parents to run in the Hi-Five Hoops basketball leagues offered at the Arrillaga Family Gymnasium in Menlo Park and the brand new SportsHouse located in Redwood City.
UNIVERSITY PARK WOMEN'S CLUB DIAMOND AND CRYSTAL BALL Nancy Kopnisky, Beckie Suverkrup, Mary Conklin, Maria VanBrunt, Katy Arrillaga, Jane Paschke; Sunny, Patti and Nora Doench
The other players selected by their respective schools for the Hall of Honor this year are Mike Bibby of Arizona, Jeremy Veal of Arizona State, Earl Robinson of California, John Arrillaga of Stanford, Reggie Miller of UCLA, John Block of USC, Eldridge Recasner of Washington and Paul Lindemann of Washington State.
Kalil Jenab and Randy Arrillaga, of BT Commercial represented the landlord; Hugh Scott, of The Staubach Company, represented the tenant.
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Music Awards nominee vocalist Denise Vasquez, Captain Beefhart guitarist Doug Moon, flutist-vocalist Becky Allen, acoustic pop performer Kat Parsons, Kira and Casey Arrillaga of adult alternative pop group third door down, Academy of Western Artists award nominees Lost Canyon Rangers and Russian-born pianist-singer Marina V.
Arrillaga Alumni Center, a 30,000-square-foot, three-story Spanish-style structure completed in 2001.
Pauline Arrillaga, "Town Copes After Slayings by Suspected Rail Rider," Dallas Morning News, June 11, 1999, sec.
And in Arizona, Pauline Arrillaga has been named Southwest regional reporter in Phoenix; Arrillaga had been a member of the Houston bureau.
Tinstman, 49, president and CEO, Morrison Knudsen; John Arrillaga, 58, partner, real-estate developer Peery-Arrillaga; Christopher B.