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Another informant, Gail, described how after being prescribed Aropax "sometime over the next four weeks", she "got suicidal .
Gail was especially perplexed by her changed behaviour when on Aropax.
She became suicidal on Aropax but "I didn't know that, which is kind of the place where it's a bit mad, but you can be in one half of your brain making plans, [and] in another part of your brain not recognise it.
Irish said of Simon when on Aropax, "I wouldn't say that [he's] an empathetic person at all at the moment, and hasn't been since he's been on the pills":
The interview with Trish and Simon also illustrated how the changes in Simon while on Aropax had influenced their relationship.
Gail too described how when she was on Aropax her "bad behaviour" impacted on her relationships and thus her living situation:
Gail remembered her psychiatrist deciding she was on "way too much" Aropax.
Trish asked Simon's psychiatrist to take him off Aropax and was told "they have been prescribing them [SSRIs] for years and they're perfectly safe to use".