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The most common aromatics are used as chemical feedstocks, solvents and as additives to gasoline to raise its octane rating.
The Bio-TCat process efficiently and cost-competitively produces bio-based aromatics, including paraxylene, benzene, toluene, and other xylenes (BTX), from non-food sources.
In the end, performance of the nanostructure as a sensor to detect aromatics was studied and compared to that of the previous samples.
Gale added: "Arran Aromatics is such a beautiful, exciting brand and it feels like my treasured secret waiting to be told, so I'm excited to involved in helping the brand develop around the world.
Brand Aromatics is a supplier of flavours, marinades, and broth and stock concentrates to the packaged food industry.
He added that the aromatics sector is currently studying a number of investment opportunities outside Kuwait, especially in the Asian market; expressing hope those studies would have positive results to contribute significantly to the achievement of the company's strategy.
All refineries make at least trace amounts of all the aromatics in normal processing, varying with the content of aromatics and aromatics precursors in the crudes they process.
Aromatics products derived at the facility will help meet growing demand for plastics and synthetic fibers in the region.
Arran Aromatics currently employs 120 staff and a portfolio of 10 retail stores and its products are sold in over 30 countries.
Aramco's first large-scale aromatics facility will be located at a joint-venture refinery and petrochemicals complex it is building with France's Total in Al Jubail.
The newly-formed company has an integrated management structure with a view to achieving the highest economic value to Mina Al Fahal refinery, Sohar refinery, aromatics factory and propylene factory in Sohar.
Kuwait Paraxylene Production Company (KPPC), a fully owned subsidiary of Kuwait Aromatics Company (KARO), announced that it has exported its first ever shipment of heavy aromatics.