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Etymology: Gk, spice
any agreeable odor or pleasing fragrance, especially of food, drink, spices, or medication.


(ă-rō′mă) [Gr. arōma, spice]
An agreeable odor.

Patient discussion about aroma

Q. Do you know the Aroma Therapy packs they sale over the mall? they say it's especially good for Arthritis, is it true ?

A. i'm a bit skeptic about "wonder treatments" you buy at the malls. i think that 99% of those things are there because desperate people will buy anything for a bit of peace of mind.

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However, the aroma chemistry of this cheese has not been well characterized.
Region: Sicilia Varietal: Syrah Price: $27 Aromas: Earthy notes, black cherry, Tobacco Flavors: Blackberries, licorice, caramel Impression: Long finish with a harmonic aproach Structure: Medium Body, ample spectrum of aromas and flavors Drink with: Pasta, Lamb dishes, Pork chops.
Recently, scientists have turned their attention to using aromas to improve the taste of foods made with reduced amounts of fat, sugar and salt, which many consumers avoid because of their notoriously bland flavor.
Wolf admire the as the wine If you spot butter or dairy notes, then these are just a couple of the secondary aromas developed as a result of winemaking processes.
This term is used to describe coffees having aromas such as rio-flavor, chemical residues or highly aromatic coffees which produce large amounts of volatiles.
Por ejemplo, un casino utilizo aromas agradables en el area de maquinas tragamonedas, aumentando significativamente las apuestas en esta area (Hirsch, 1995).
Understanding the interaction between aromas allow act on sweetness perceived by the consumer and get drinks with less sugar added.
The invention's unique design enables it to provide its users direct exposure and access to essential oils and their aromas.
These compounds are capable of becoming oxidized and forming quinones, which can capture certain aromas, especially volatile thiols.
Most prominent have been the aromas from daffodil blossoms, plum, flowering currant, and now dame's rocket, pinks and roses.
Owens said Zeke's is "a dry, crisp, light-bodied pale ale brewed with Galaxy hops, which gives it a unique citrusy flavor and aromas of passion fruit, grapefruit and pineapple.
The design prevents the usual large-scale swirling movement, which oxidises the wine and burns off the delicate aromas, and retains the subtlety in the vintages, the firm said.