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ax·il·lar·y fos·sa

depression between the anterior and posterior axillary folds forming the floor of the axilla; after puberty, this is a site of hair growth and an abundance of sweat glands.
Synonym(s): fossa axillaris [TA], armpit


The hollow under the upper part of the arm at the shoulder.


See axilla.


The depressed hollow region located under the shoulder joint, medial to the upper arm.
Content  Axillary vessels, including the axillary artery (the extension of the subclavian artery, which becomes the brachial artery) and the axillary vein (which arises from the brachial veins and basilica vein and becomes the subclavian vein); axillary nerves; brachial plexus; lymph nodes; fat; loose connective tissue.
Muscles, anterior to posterior Pectoralis major, deltoid, biceps brachii, coracobrachialis, teres major and latissimus dorsi, and long head of triceps.
Medical significance Site of lymphatic drainage from the arm (e.g., for melanomas) and breast (e.g., for breast cancer).
Sports injuries Axillary (nerve) damage is uncommon, but well-described in contacts sports (e.g., from collisions in ice hockey or tackling in American football).

Patient discussion about armpit

Q. A lump in my armpit Hi, Last week after the shower I found a small painful lump in my right groin. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed me some antibiotics. I’ve been taking it for 5 days and the lump is still there. I’m 31, usually healthy and work-out in the gym regularly, don’t smoke or use drugs and don’t take any medications. Is that dangerous? Should I go and see another doctor?

A. What you describe sounds like enlarged lymph node. The first diagnosis that’s suspected in such case is an infection that makes it painful. The antibiotics you take need several more days to act, so currently it doesn’t sound suspicious. If the lump persist, it’d be wise to consult you doctor

Q. I located a lump on the surface of my right underarm. I think I am showing some signs of breast cancer. I am 27 years old working lady. I think I am showing some signs of breast cancer. I located a lump on the surface of my right underarm. This lump is of a cherry size and does not pain at all. But I do have pain in my breast. I had my mammogram done which showed no lump and my doctor says that there is nothing to worry and she has given me some medicines. I want to know that if everything is normal then how come these lumps came.

A. there are ways to diagnose if lumps are breast cancer or not. a lump under the forearm can be a sign of an advanced stage of cancer, but it can also mean some kind of viral infection that caused a lymph node to swell up. so if a doctor told you it's fine- he probably checked it out, and it's fine. if you still anxious - go get a second opinion.

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Hayley said: "I decided to stop shaving my armpits at the end of last year.
n Regularly shave hair from armpits (specially the inner part) and genital area
What relegates a place to armpit status may be several factors.
The apocrine glands located in the armpit and groin do not begin working until the teenage years, and their fluid is milky and viscous.
In cultured Gallic tones, she explained how French women - the acknowledged guardians of style - would not be at all fussed about hairy armpits.
Men and women are equally affected, and armpits are the most frequently cited location of the problem, the researchers found.
The Liko Comfort Vest supports the back during the lifting process and fits comfortably around the upper body, back and arms without pressure under the armpits.
And, before anybody leaps in to say so, men's shaving of their faces is in no way analogous to women's shaving of their armpits.
that unravelled like a broken string of pearls for a crown i gave you garland of waterlilies & hibiscus silently the hours scurried by on winged feet smitten we were oblivious of the camouflaged & khaki-uniformed soldiers with petite greaseguns tucked under their armpits a coup d'etat ended our revels & now steel fingers clutch my heart and in the far distance i hear a lost dove coo
0 mm in diameter is inserted through small puncture incisions to reach and gently extract sweat glands from the armpits.
However, they may also indicate the spread of cancer, such as from the breast to the lymph nodes in the armpits.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Armpits are one of the most neglected body parts.