Trousseau, Armand

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Trousseau, Armand

Armand Trousseau, Fr. internist, 1801–1867.

Trousseau apophysiary points

Sensitive points over the dorsal and lumbar vertebrae in neuralgia.

Trousseau sign

A muscular spasm of the hand and wrist from pressure on the nerves and vessels of the upper arm. It is indicative of latent tetany, usually as a result of hypocalcemia.

Trousseau spots

Streaking of the skin with the fingernail, seen in meningitis and other cerebral diseases.


Armand, French physician, 1801-1867.
Trousseau point - painful neuralgia at the spinous process of the vertebra below which arises the offending nerve.
Trousseau sign - in latent tetany, the occurrence of carpopedal spasm accompanied by paresthesia, elicited when the upper arm is compressed.
Trousseau spot - a line of redness resulting from drawing a point across the skin, especially notable in cases of meningitis. Synonym(s): meningitic streak
Trousseau syndrome - thrombophlebitis migrans associated with visceral cancer. Synonym(s): Nygaard-Brown syndrome
Trousseau-Lallemand bodies - Synonym(s): Lallemand bodies (2)
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Broca called this speech disturbance "aphemie," which was renamed by Armand Trousseau as "aphasia.
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