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of Stagira, Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 bce. See: Aristotle anomaly, aristotelian method.


Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 B.C.
Aristotelian method - a method of study that stresses the relation between a general category and a particular object.
Aristotle anomaly
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Wright J's Aristotlean ethics-based argument is perfunctorily dismissed because it offers no insights "into the source of the norms by which the conduct was judged wrongful.
The "Mahatma" embodied in an Aristotlean sense the attribute of Ethos--a credible, moral authority and source who persuades through their simple presence.
Quite appropriately, and not without a note of satire, Alexander of Aphrodisias of the 3rd century CE, on which the dramatic oratorio was based, was a peripatetic Aristotlean philosopher in Greece known to be free of the religious mysticism of Platonism.