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of Stagira, Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 bce. See: Aristotle anomaly, aristotelian method.


Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 B.C.
Aristotelian method - a method of study that stresses the relation between a general category and a particular object.
Aristotle anomaly
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Bruni's technique in the Vita Aristotelis is essentially akin to that described by Anna Maria Cabrini in her classic study of the Historiarum florentini populi libri XII: (81) it presupposes the adoption of a source text to be transcended -- be it Diogenes, or in the case of the Historiae, Villani -- together with a subsidiary set of texts to be utilized as required.
In his commentary Aquinas uses repeatedly the expressions "secundum intentionem Aristotelis" and "contra intentionem Aristotelis," or also "repugnat veritati et intentioni Aristotelis.
When confronted by Georghadji on the point of the missing documents, Kenevezos claimed that the entire Aristotelis case file had been lost from the ministry, prompting Charalambidou to publicly accuse the minister of withholding evidence from the Auditor General since he was "the only one with a vested interest in the disappearance of the file.
A complete list of Bruni's historical works would also include the Vita Aristotelis (1429), the Commentarium rerum graecarum (1439), and the De temporibus suis (1441).
All English quotations from Aquinas' In Octo Libros Physicorum Aristotelis Expositio are from this translation.
Werck der Lieb," Problemata Aristotelis, 101 and passim.
Voting against the bill were Panicos Stavrianos (AKEL), Aristotelis Misos and Andreas Themistocleous (DISY), Sofocles Fittis and Giorgos Procopiou (DIKO), and independent MP Zacharias Koulias.
Et ideo, secundum doctrinam Aristotelis, via media inter has duas tenenda est in omnibus praedictis.
Theodosius, at the junction of Anavargos Avenue and Aristotelis Savva road.
DISY MP Aristotelis Misos expressed reservations and said that at this stage he could not promote the bill without first having a dialogue with local government and the ministry of transport.
9) In Aristotelis Libros Posteriorum Analyticorum Expositio (Rome: Marietti Editori Ltd.
Naturale, ut libri Aristotelis de historia animalium, libri Theophrasti de historia plantarum, Plinii historia, naturalis.