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of Stagira, Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 bce. See: Aristotle anomaly, aristotelian method.


Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 B.C.
Aristotelian method - a method of study that stresses the relation between a general category and a particular object.
Aristotle anomaly
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Along similar lines, I want to look at gender: I want to show how it does, at least partially, make sense that my brother did not suffer depression but I did; how it works in adolescence that so much of a girl's self esteem is derived from her looks and attention from boys, and how hard it is to out-grow this; and drawing largely on Showalter's amazing book The Female Malady, how frailty, dependence, and even madness have been linked with the Western conception of woman since Aristole.
Just surf over to the Aristole ISP's July 4 website, where you can compose your own pyrotechnics firework display over seven American skylines, from San Francisco to New York, using Shockwave Flash.
He also won acclaim and awards for playing C S Lewis in the moving TV version of Shadowlands and also appeared in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and as Aristole Onassis in A Woman Named Jackie.