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of Stagira, Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 bce. See: Aristotle anomaly, aristotelian method.


Greek philosopher and scientist, 384-322 B.C.
Aristotelian method - a method of study that stresses the relation between a general category and a particular object.
Aristotle anomaly
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His approach (and his assumptions, which were taken up by neoconservatives) was challenged by a cohort of British and American philosophers who take their lead from Aristole, Hegel and even Gramsci.
The most fertile fields of contemporary thought, those marked out by Heidegger and Wittgenstein, similarly are founded on the premise that Reason -- as systematized by Plato and Aristole -- cannot be the final arbiter of Truth, simply because its categories are either constitutional, or arbitrary.
It is unclear whether Aristole advocates any of this, but he may.
On April 30, Dodge sent letters to Aristole Internet Access of Little Rock, which hosts arkansasbusiness.