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Relating to, resembling, or containing silver.
(1) Pertaining to silver, argentic

(2) Pertaining to a country in South America (in current nonmedical use)


having some relationship with the country Argentina.

Argentine tick
Argentine tortoise
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Argentino, the mount of Bryan Cooper, will be renewing rivalry with Plinth, whom he beat by a head over 2m6f at Killarney last month and who reopposes on 2lb better terms.
Argentino led for much of the way and appeared to have seen off his challengers jumping the last, but Ruby Walsh was just getting Valyssa Monterg into top gear.
In 1891 Paul Mauser's revolutionary bolt-action, charger-loaded rifle was adopted as the, Fusil Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891, and orders were placed with the Ludwig Loewe Co.
Currently there are four banned dog breeds in the UK: pit bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro.
SeeNews) - Nov 14, 2012 - BG Group (LON:BG) has reached an agreement with Integra Gas Distribution Llc to sell stakes in Argentine consortium Gas Argentino and gas distributor Metrogas (BUE:METR), Gas Argentino said today.
It is controlled by BG Group (LON:BG) and YPF (BUE:YPFD) through their consortium Gas Argentino.
The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act banned ownership, breeding, sale or exchange of four types of dogs - the pit bull terrier, the Japanese tosa, the dogo Argentino and the fila Brasileiro.
Those involved in the possession of prohibited dogs, including the pit bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro, could face six months in jail, while training a dog to fight would attract a tougher sentence.
In the end six male (Paita Cecilio, Iyaloo Fransiseo, Mcdonald Garab, Stephen Kaluwa, Argentino Sengue, Siwongo Siwongo) and four female (Merlyn Lucas, Telma Matengu, Vanessa Neumann, Yolanda Tobias) coaches were invited for the national trials from 27 to 29 April in Windhoek at Augustineum Secondary School.
The glacier's cyclical pattern sees the vast 97 square mile structure advance slowly into the Lago Argentino.
It laid Dan ban dan bul Jap Bra T out for added to the controls down in the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, which banned ownership of four dangerous breeds - the pit bull, dogo Argentino, Japanese tosa and fila Brasileiro.
Revolucion poetica y modernidad periferica pertenece a la serie Nueva Critica Hispanoamericana dirigida por Alberto Julian Perez y Maria Fernanda Pampin bajo el sello editorial argentino de Corregidor.