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Relating to, resembling, or containing silver.
(1) Pertaining to silver, argentic

(2) Pertaining to a country in South America (in current nonmedical use)


having some relationship with the country Argentina.

Argentine tick
Argentine tortoise
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One angry Argentine called him a clown and another vowed to beat him up if he ever met him.
Issued by The Anglo-Argentine Society in conjuction with the Argentine Embassy
Defining Argentine dance by the tango is as reductive as defining American music by jazz, but nevertheless only the tango proved stage-worthy in Malambo.
Place a staff in the ground and it will sprout roots," Nicolas Avellaneda, a 19th-century Argentine president, boasted of his native province.
With Argentine wine consumption down by more than 50 per cent since 1972, the emphasis has turned to higher quality exports, which have soared from $19 million in 1995 to $103 million last year.
had overreacted in passing the sanitary ban, not all Argentines faulted United States policy.
A Sea Dart on the destroyer Coventry zeroed in on a high-flying Argentine reconnaissance plane, but the missile's flash doors refused to open.
Rates aside, businesses have found that they can also count on modern hotel infrastructure that sprang up in the 1990s, when the Argentine peso was pegged one-to-one with the U.
Horacio Lacunza, head of tourism at the Argentine Consulate in London, says estancias could hold the key to a tourism boom.
Among many important contributions to the historical literature that the author interconnects are his analysis of transformations in Argentine anti-semitism, the nature and extent of sympathy for Nazism, and an excellent consideration of German immigration to Argentina in which he ties the movement of peoples to problems of class in Buenos Aires, and to the nature and extent of German investment and commerce with Argentina.
Good external liquidity management also means that Uruguay entered the Argentine crisis with record high reserves.