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Relating to, resembling, or containing silver.
(1) Pertaining to silver, argentic

(2) Pertaining to a country in South America (in current nonmedical use)


having some relationship with the country Argentina.

Argentine tick
Argentine tortoise
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There is a suspicion that the batteries that have been replaced were partly or not of the quality that they should have [been]," Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann, chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Argentine Parliament, told German public radio outlet BR.
This Agreement is the result of joint work by the Argentine Foreign Ministry, the Argentine Ministry of Energy and Mining, the Argentine Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Province of San Juan and the Chilean Foreign Ministry.
Surely, the six films in the fest celebrate the best of the Argentine film industry, which Bosch describes as 'thriving and internationally acclaimed.
The Speaker said that exchange of Parliamentary delegations and economic cooperation would give a renewed strength to the relations between both the countries Pakistan and Argentine.
In its role as 'Ambassador of the seas' it carries a message of peace, friendship and the will to build bridges with the world in the year of the Bicentenary of the Argentine Declaration of Independence," the Argentine Embassy said.
A comparison of the Argentine insurance industry with regional counterparts
Until late 2013, the European Union, which sets targets for the blending of biodiesel into fuels, was the main buyer of Argentine biodiesel.
And in something of a surprise, the argentine tango dance students reported a greater increase in mindfulness than either the control group, or those who had specifically studied the Kabat-Zinn technique.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif, during a week of diplomacy at the United Nations, held talks on the bombing with his Argentine counterpart, Hector Timmerman.
Speaking on the occasion, Claudia Alejandra Zampieri, ChargEae d'Affaires of the Argentine embassy, said, oeThis is one of the various events to be held in the near future to spread awareness about the Argentine culture and traditions among people in Qatar.
In a statement to Arab News on the occasion of his country's independence day on July 9, he said Saudi and Argentine officials plan to hold their fifth joint meeting in Riyadh this year to explore areas of common concern such as agriculture, trade, culture, energy, tourism, and business.
In a speech at the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the annual anniversary of founding the Arab League, de Dumont described the Syrian community as a bridge linking Argentina to the Arab world culturally and socially.

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