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Relating to, resembling, or containing silver.
(1) Pertaining to silver, argentic

(2) Pertaining to a country in South America (in current nonmedical use)


having some relationship with the country Argentina.

Argentine tick
Argentine tortoise
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While most of the telecom market in Argentina is deregulated, the company Telecom, controlled by Telecom Italia, Argentina's Grupo Werthein and minority partner France Telecom, and Telefonica itself continue to negotiate with the government over contracts, since fixed-line rates remain frozen.
There are roughly 1,000 combines equipped with yield monitors in Argentina and only about 100 in Brazil, compared to some 45,000 combines with yield monitors in the U.
Neither we nor the government of Argentina, however, have lost sight of the other ties that link us including those in the political, trade, cultural, scientific, educational and social areas.
Outbreak of type A botulism and development of a botulism surveillance and antitoxin release system in Argentina.
Argentina has arranged for more than 20 loans from the IMF.
The market for Baby personal care in Argentina increased between 2000-2005, growing at an average annual rate of 3.
To order this report: Argentina Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025- Supply, Demand, Infrastructure, Investment and Market Shares
According to Pyramid Research, short messaging revenue in Argentina shot up fivefold to $117 million in 2004 from the year before.
The mosquito Aedes aegypti, which carries dengue fever virus (DENV), reinfested Argentina in 1986 and is well established in the subtropical and temperate areas of the country (1); DENV infection was first diagnosed in the laboratory in Argentina in 1997 (2).
Until recently, Argentina had the largest middle class of any country in South America.