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Etymology: Gk, architekton, master builder
the basic structure of a computer, including the memory, central processing unit, and input/output devices.


The form and manner in which a computer system and its components interact.

Vox populi
The shape or organisation of a structure or process.


n in medicine and dentistry, usually refers to the framework of a structure or system.
architecture, gingival,
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Anyone who understands client/server architectures also understands that distributing business logic is nothing new.
The Nitro InfiniBand architecture reference chassis platform is available today.
By re-thinking the roles of the architecture, programming model and compiler tools, SPI has created a new class of DSPs that makes parallel processing practical.
Reflecting the power of clustered application and server architectures, a clustered storage architecture call virtually eliminate the need for planned downtime.
In contrast to the hierarchical architecture of PCI-to-PCI bridges, the PLX Adaptive Switch Fabric Architecture scales to hundreds of PCI slots and enables external chassis-to-chassis connections.
New CoWare Processor Designer Provides Much Faster Architecture Exploration
Well, what we found was under intense transaction and data stringing workloads, the actual sporadic right burst required to flush the cache memory of the controllers were actually being smoothed out by the back-end switched architectures to increase the overall I/Os per second performance.
The base category provides a commonality covering all types of Power Architecture platforms, including those in the server and embedded categories.
a of its InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) specifications.
This will simplify the software development process and enable SoC designers to easily include codecs and algorithms over time, extending the market life of chips based upon the VRaptor Architecture.
NAS architectures, on the other hand have typically been implemented using the Ethernet transport--historically fast Ethernet (100Mbps), but today, more typically, Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps) with the expectation for 10 Gigabit Ethernet within a year.
suggests that architecture will be the first "solid that melts into air" through the combined effects of demographic trends, electronics, media, speed, the economy, leisure, the death of God, the book, the phone, the fax, affluence, democracy, the end of the Big Story.

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