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Take a moment to glance at u Antliae, situated 50 arc minutes north of the constellation Vela, more or less midway along the southern Antlia border.
NGC 2658, situated only 35 arc minutes north of alpha Pyxidis, contains about a dozen faint stars with some unresolved dust, indicating more members.
The odd-one-out member is NGC 7320c, which can be spotted a few arc minutes off to the northeast of this tight group.
The Trifid is found only 1 1/2 [degrees] north-northwest of M8 and is about 30 by 20 arc minutes in extent.
NGC 4881 is an unassuming elliptical galaxy about 18 arc minutes from the heart of the Coma Cluster.
Although successful in creating the star, Thompson still refers to the image--which measured some 1 to 2 arc minutes across--more as a "blob' than a real point source.
This cigar-shaped galaxy, also known as Bennett 29, is a close neighbour of NGC 1808 situated 36 arc minutes to the north-east.
Resolution up to 45,000 cycles per revolution, a maximum speed up to 100,000 RPM and an accuracy of less than or equal to 4 arc minutes.
Approximately 8 by 6 arc minutes in size, M27 shows well in a 4-inch telescope.
These are listed in a table, which gives the cluster magnitude, diameter in arc minutes, and the approximate duration in minutes that the Moon's edge takes to cross the cluster.
The star alpha Doradus is situated just 35 arc minutes south of the galaxy NGC 1617 in the same field of view.
M32, located 24 arc minutes south of the big galaxy's nucleus, has dimensions of 8.