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This recursive reading pattern, mirroring Marq Dyeth's pattern as narrator in Arachnia standard, modulates readers' attention so that they retrace each textual moment and experience intratextual resonances that grow through accretion.
The degree to which the shape taken by a society in Stars in My Pocket matches the nonhierarchical and inclusive potentials implicit in the language Arachnia standard becomes a measure for readers' judgment, first of that society and then of their own.
Just as the social structure on Rhyonon closely matches the disparities in individual empowerments implicit in contemporary standard English and manifest in contemporary societies that speak it, so the egalitarian, accepting, and nurturant society embodied at Morgre and Dyethshome most closely manifests the potentials suggested by Arachnia standard, potentials that are farthest from contemporary social practice.
The fundament of Morgran society--and of Marq Dyeth's Morgran life at Dyethshome where Arachnia standard is the common tongue--is ergs, not phobos.
By contrast, the behavior of the Thants, when they visit Dyethshome, becomes a spectacle in the negative sense, a visible reminder to readers of how far current social reality is removed from the possibilities either latent in Arachnia standard or manifest in Morgran society.
Ironically, that one, Morgre's, closest in form to the possibilities implicit in the Web-brought Arachnia standard, seems furthest from the actualities of contemporary life.