application service provider

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ap·pli·ca·tion ser·vice pro·vi·der

(ASP) (ap'li-kā'shŭn sĕr'vis prō-vī'dĕr)
Software that provides computer-based services to customers using a network; may be Web-based.

application service provider

A company that offers individuals or enterprises access over the Internet to applications and services that would otherwise have to be located on their own computers.
See also: provider
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Licensed Application Service Providers and certified Solution Providers that implement customer-owned Securit-e-Vault Systems.
WTS' deployment of FormScape demonstrates the adaptability of FormScape to multiple eBusiness structures including the Application Service Provider," said David Turner, Vice President of Sales, for FormScape.
Corio is well-known as a powerhouse application service provider," said Eric Morris, vice president of sales for UltraDNS.
We believe the new WorldVoice offerings represent a powerful suite of new capabilities for Application Service Providers and Exchange users," said Mike Shiff, Data Return's Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Business Development.
The Application Service Provider (ASP) Industry Consortium has been elected to the 2001 Associations Advance America Honor Roll, a national awards competition sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) in Washington, D.
Nasdaq:CRIO), a leading enterprise application service provider, today announced that George Kadifa, president and CEO of Corio, was selected as chairman of ITAA's Application Service Provider (ASP) Board of Directors.

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