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A gene on chromosome 17p13 that encodes alpha-2-antiplasmin, a serine protease inhibitor (serpin). SERPINF2 inhibits plasmin, which degrades fibrin and other proteins, and thus plays a cental role in regulating coagulation.

Molecular pathology
SERPINF2 mutations result in alpha-2-plasmin inhibitor deficiency, which is characterised by severe haemorrhagic diathesis.


Abbreviation for active pharmaceutical ingredient.
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Enhancements to the Antigen user interface, Antigen Worm Purge, and support for Microsoft's Virus Scanning Application Program Interface (VS API 2.
As part of the agreement, Auctionsworks is now enrolled in eBay's Application Program Interface and Developer's Program (API).
As shown above, applications and system commands access functions within the platform layer through Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

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