apical process

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ap·i·cal pro·cess

the dendritic process extending from the apex of a pyramidal cell of the cerebral cortex toward the surface.
Synonym(s): apical dendrite
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Whole-cell recordings were made from the soma or apical dendrite of layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons, transient suppression of NMDA receptor activity induces a long-term decrease in synaptic strength.
Serotonin immunoreactivity is expressed by a medial and two lateral neurons, all having an apical dendrite, and also by neurites within the neuropil and by peripheral neurites that run beneath the ciliated prototrochal cells that power larval swimming.
A second simple hypothesis that is that inputs to apical dendrites will be amplified in all layer V neurons that fire action potentials.
In 27-month-old rats, spine density showed with respect to 3-month-old animals, a significant decrease in both basal and apical dendrites (p less than 0.
Of special importance for this integration are the distal apical dendrites of cortical pyramidal neurons because top-down fibers target layer 1 of the cortex which are densely innervated by these structures.
The striking anatomical similarity between the cerebellum and the cerebellar-like sensory nuclei is that they share a molecular layer organization in which the apical dendrites of the projection neurons receive input from many thousands of parallel fibers (1, 2).