apex locator

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a·pex lo·ca·tor

(āpeks lōkā-tŏr)
Electronic device used to identify the vertex of the root canal.
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The outstanding feature of this new instrument is its ability to be used both on its own and in combination with the new apex locator from FKG, the S-ApexAaAaAeAnAa
The studies on deciduous teeth indicate that, in the deciduous teeth that show different degrees of root resorption, using apex locator have been successful (11-14).
This might be due to not using apex locator and taking multiple periapical radiographs in the determination of working length in our student clinics.
4) The purpose of the present study was to compare the working length determined by Apex locator with that of conventional radiographic method for accuracy.
The possible arrangement of Apex locator electrodes is shown in Fig.
10) showed that the Elements Diagnostic Unit and Apex Locator was reliable regardless of pulp vitality.
Another research article evaluates the use of an electronic apex locator in primary maxillary incisors.
Gates Glidden burs size 2 and 3 (Mani, Tochigi, Japan) were used for coronal flaring, and the working length determination was performed using an electronic apex locator (Root ZX, J.
Working lengths for the palatal and DB canals were determined with an apex locator (Root ZX; Morita, Tokyo, Japan) and confirmed radiographically.
During electronic length determination in this study, the file was advanced into the canal until the apex locator indicated "Apex" and then slowly retracted until the device signaled 0.