Indian gooseberry

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Indian gooseberry, See amla.
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Indian gooseberry.
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and feel for a co-branded AOLA Chat, combining existing chat services
We are very pleased to be a part of this very important program that greatly enhances education in Latin America," stated Charles Herington, CEO of AOLA.
In addition, the proposed Plan provides that all equity interests in AOLA will be extinguished and holders of such equity interests will not receive any distributions from the Debtors under the Plan.
AOLA intends to change its financial reporting period to a calendar year as of December 31, 2000, from the current July-June fiscal year.
The following subsidiaries of AOLA also filed voluntary petitions: AOL Puerto Rico Management Services, Inc.
AOLA received a Nasdaq Staff Determination on May 10, 2005 indicating that the class A common stock failed to comply with the market value of listed securities requirement set forth in Marketplace Rule 4310 (c)(2)(B)(ii) and therefore its class A common stock will be delisted from the Nasdaq SmallCap Market.
AOLA provides premier connectivity, interactive content and services in Latin America.