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Situated in front of an orbit.
Synonym(s): anteorbital.
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3###Width of rostrum at base - along line across hindmost limits of antorbital notches###114###93-120
27###Length of antorbital process of left lacrimal###55###N/A
Therefore, the lack of well-developed antorbital or frontal glands does not necessarily preclude scent communication as a function of tree-rubbing behavior in white rhinos.
Construction of antorbital gland marking sites by male oribi (Ourebia ourebia, Zimmermann, 1783).
Antorbital triangular en contacto con el supraorbital y en contacto en la parte ventral con el infraorbital uno.
A small antorbital fenestra is present and the postorbital bar is approximately at right angles to the long axis of the skull so that the posterior border of the orbit is situated well in advance of the supratemporal opening.
A phylogenetic analysis of Hemibrycon genus determined its monophyly based on four synapomorpies: presence ectopterygoids with widened ventral anterior projection, four to six times wider than posterior part; a red spot present in life on ventral margin of caudal peduncle; a postero-ventral projection on the pterotic and first infraorbitals gradually decreasing in width from posterior tip and located near posterior part of antorbital (Arcila Mesa 2008).
Diagnosis: Hemibrycon yacopiae is readily distinguished from its congeners by the following autopomorphic characters (Arcila-Mesa 2008): first laterosensorial infraorbitals canal in contact with the posterior end of antorbital (Fig.
Presencia de un elemento oseo sobre el palatino y detras del maxilar, con un canal sensorial asociado, este elemento puede ser considerado como el infraorbital 1 o 2, aunque Arratia y Menu-Marque (1984) lo denominan antorbital.