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Nils R., Swedish neurologist, 1887-1968. See: Antoni type A neurilemoma, Antoni type B neurilemoma.
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Antoni Imiela died aged 63 at HMP Wakefield on Thursday, just months after he was told he had been referred for parole.
M25 rapist Antoni Imiela has died in Wakefield prison
Contract notice: Public service management of drinking water supply and sanitation in the municipality of sant antoni de portmany
Antoni Imiela, now 63, dragged mum-of-two Sheila Jankowitz, 29, into a garden and raped her in the early hours of Christmas Day 1987.
It follows a warning from Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz that Germans should "try and pay back the terrible debt they owe to the Polish people".
This biography traces the life and career of Antoni van Leewenhoek in the context of his time, relationships, and the Dutch Golden Age.
For each of these works, Antoni spent weeks sanding down the resin, giving it a glassy, ghostly quality, rendering each piece a beautifully alien index of a body in flux.
Holly and Ashley were dubbed "Judas sisters" for their part in the plot that ended with Antoni, 61, butchered in bed for his money and jewellery, at his home in Old Colwyn.
However, after disturbing Antoni in bed, Harding, armed with kitchen commando knives, stabbed him repeatedly.
Antoni Cipars was in his garden on Sunday afternoon when his ordeal with the scorpion-like insect - called a Devil's coach horse - began.
Robert Antoni gracefully combines layers of idealism, love, and a plague of the Black Vomit in this historical novel.