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 [an″te-, an″ti-spaz-mod´ik]
1. preventing or relieving spasms.
2. an agent that prevents or relieves spasms. Called also spasmolytic.


/an·ti·spas·tic/ (-spas´tik) antispasmodic with specific reference to skeletal muscle.


[an′te-, an′ti-spas′tik]
an antispasmodic with specific reference to striated muscle.


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It is easy to use and handle, and with proper antispastic measures, will provide satisfactory mid- and long-term patency rates.
Muscle cramps in chronic liver diseases and treatment with antispastic agent (eperisone hydrochloride).
Among these compounds, eperisone hydrochloride has recently emerged as antispastic agent with an improved profile of safety compared to other drugs of the same pharmacological class; in particular, eperisone has been introduced on the market for the management of painful conditions sustained by a muscle contracture.
At the time of the study, 4 of the 11 subjects were prescribed antispastic medications (baclofen) to reduce the intensity and frequency of spastic reflexes.
Cannabis extract is found to act in synergy as antispastic agent in mice than tetrahydrocannabinol at an equivalent dose (Baker et al.