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2] Antibody titers were measured with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay on HEK293 cell lysates ectopically expressing NR1 or NR1-NR2B heteromers.
05) antibody titer was observed in group G at day 14 after the parturition followed by Group F at the same day.
Rise in antibody titer usually occurs after primary vaccination but in most cases titer fails to rise either due to inappropriate vaccination or failure in immune response.
4, 128 and 128 units of geometric mean anti-AIV-HI antibody titers in the vaccinated broilers on 21, 28 and 35 DPV, respectively.
We included known positive and negative control serum samples in all assays and denoted antibody titers in the reciprocal.
Maximum antibody titers were observed with 25% increased dose of MufarrehYakuuti with GMT of 1024 (Table 3).
7 mg/dose) one month post-priming, the anti-LPS-IHA antibody titer was raised to 256 after 30 days of boosting that persisted for more than 210 days (Fig.
Sensitivity of ICT was also analyzed with respect to increasing antibody titers (Table-3) and it was observed that sensitivity of rapid test increased up to 91.
After six months of GFD the antibody titers were measured again and compared with previous value.
Table-II: Frequencies about sex, hospital ward, smoking and antibody titer related to case and control groups.
Have a clear idea in your mind whether you want/need your dog to receive any vaccinations (and for which diseases), an antibody titer test, or none of the above.
Although serum HI antibody titers of 40 are associated with at least a 50% reduction in risk for influenza infection or disease in populations (7), no such correlate of protection exists for MN antibody titers.

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