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Microbiology The profile of an organism's susceptibility/resistance to a panel of antibiotics, which can be used to determine genetic relatedness of various bacteria Cf Molecular strain typing.


A profile of the antimicrobial resistance and susceptibility of a particular microorganism.

antibiogram (anˈ·tē·bīˑ·ō·gram),

n method of testing the efficacy of antibiotics by introducing an antibiotic into the middle of a bacteria-laden petri dish. A clear zone indicates the bactericidal activity. The greater the diameter of the zone, the higher the efficacy of the antibiotic.


antibiotic sensitivity report.
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The presence of the MDR TB strain was confirmed by the phenotypic antibiogram in a BBL MGIT mycobacteria growth indicator tube (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA) after the isolate had been cultured.
Physician usage of antibiograms* has grown exponentially since we instituted the Teqqa iAntibiogram: from an average of 28 views a month of our web-based static antibiogram to an average of 3,900 views per month of the Teqqa iAntibiogram.
23) This bustard failed to respond to systemic enrofloxacin treatment, which can be explained by infection of tissues where antibiotic effective concentration could not be reached, (9) but resistance to enrofloxacin could not be ruled out because an antibiogram was not performed.
Stewardship recommendations and algorithms for possible test result scenarios were formulated after the review of institutional treatment strategies, practices and interventions based on conventional microbiology testing results, and antibiogram and formulary options.
coli with an identical antibiogram to the previous isolates.
Catalase_test ; Gelatin liquefaction test; indole test;nitrate reduction test ;Sugar_fermentation_test; hydrogen Sulphide production test (Oxoid) and litmus milk_medium [13]: Nagler's test by half antitoxin plate [35]: Typing of Clostridium perfringens toxins dermonecrotic test in albino guinea pigs Toxin antitoxin neutralization test [35]: Determination of the MLD of the prepared toxin [15]: Antibiogram sensitivity test (Oxiod): Pathological, gross and histopathological examination
Antibiogram was used to test the susceptibility of the isolates to the most common antibiotics.
In addition, we observed changes in resistance ratios after training in rationalistic antibiotic use age and limited antibiogram notifications.
Review your antibiogram with Clinical Pharmacy, and learn about the challenges of information delay regarding both species ID and susceptibility tests.
Antibiogram Pattern among Cultures of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from Frozen Burger Patties in Malaysia, Wong et al.