diet pill

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Drug slang A regional euphemism for amphetamine
Vox populi An agent that either decreases appetite or increases basal metabolic rate—e.g., amphetamines—by prescription and OTC diet aids—e.g., phenylpropanolamine, ephedrine, and caffeine; in high doses, diet pills may cause marked agitation, hypertension, seizures, or, rarely, death due to cerebral haemorrhage

diet pill

Drug slang A euphemism for an amphetamine Vox populi An agent that either ↓ appetite or ↑ basal metabolic rate–eg, amphetamines–by prescription and OTC diet aids–eg phenylpropanolamine, ephedrine, caffeine; in high doses, DPs may cause marked agitation, HTN, seizures, rarely death due to cerebral hemorrhage. See Artificial sweeteners, Diet, Phenolpropanolamine, Starch blocker, Sugar blocker.

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Q. do any diet pills work

A. There is orlistat that prevents absorbing fat from the diet, sibutramine that reduces appetite that are currently approved by the FDA. (see and

There also surgeries for weight loss called "bariatric surgeries" (

However, the first step before the use of drugs or surgery is simply diet and physical exercise - these are the mainstay of weight loss. Drugs are usually an adjunct to it.

Q. I'm not so comfortable with diet pills I’m a teenage boy. I am desperate to lose my weight. I'm not so comfortable with diet pills and I don’t want to give a try also with that. Hope you have ideas!

A. Go far away from fast food and high calories food. Just eat less carbohydrate, cut down on the late night eating, take loads of vegetables. Take fruits especially when you feel like snacking on something. Start exercising and drink plenty of water each day. You will get the desired result ?

Q. I must lose at least 15 pounds in two weeks without diet pills. I’m Tom 23/m. I must lose at least 15 pounds in two weeks without diet pills. How can I?

A. try hiit training, high intensity interval training. consume all natural foods.

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The lawsuit alleges that Defendants made misrepresentations about thrombotic adverse events in previous clinical trials of its anti-obesity drug, and leading drug candidate, beloranib.
Last September, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved a controversial anti-obesity drug (after previously rejecting it), even though, during clinical trials, it was only minimally effective compared to placebo when combined with diet and exercise.
It is alleged that controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank had administered the anti-obesity drug AOD-9604, which has not been cleared for human use, to at least six Essendon players last year, News.
Formosa Laboratories is already a major material supplier for Xenical made by Roche, maker of a popular anti-obesity drug, whose patent expiry in the near future is driving API makers to target business opportunities from the US$500 million-per-year market.
A similar anti-obesity drug called rimonabant had to be withdrawn after it was linked to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.
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AN anti-obesity drug that switches off your appetite and takes the joy out of eating without side effects is being developed.
The combination was more effective than orlistat, currently the only anti-obesity drug available on the NHS.
Past anti-obesity drug experiences often have been disastrous regarding appropriateness of use and safety.
The history of anti-obesity drug development is far from glorious, with transient magic bullets and only a handful of agents currently licensed for clinical use.
MORE than 30 Scots kids were given an anti-obesity drug which has been banned over claims it raises patients' chances of a heart attack or a stroke.
The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) announced yesterday Mutu had tested positive for sibutramine, an anti-obesity drug, after a Serie A game between Fiorentina and Bari on January 10.