muscarinic antagonist

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mus·ca·rin·ic an·tag·o·nist

drugs that bind with muscarinic cholinergic receptors but do not activate them, thus preventing access to acetylcholine; examples include atropine, scopolamine, propantheline, and pirenzepine.
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They found anti-muscarinic medication use for patients who experienced bladder spasms was less during phase 1 recovery (from leaving the operating room to arrival on postoperative unit) (p<0.
Ultimately, the team identified M1R (muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 1 subtype) as the target for clemastine and other anti-muscarinic compounds identified in the original screen, and determined that M1R was a potent inhibitor of oligodendrocyte differentiation from precursor cells, which is critical for remyelination.
Conclusion: Gegen improved detrusor overactivity through neurogenic and anti-muscarinic mechanisms.
13) In addition, scopolamine has been shown to attenuate these effects via the central anti-muscarinic mechanism.
Other anti-muscarinic agents such as pirenzipine have also been trialled with promising results, although, unlike other interventions, they do not appear to impact upon axial length growth, which poses an interesting question regarding the precise mechanism of this drug.
The study shows it is possible to boost myelination by targeting human oligodendrocyte progenitor cells with solifenacin, an anti-muscarinic drug that currently is approved and marketed to treat overactive bladder.
To do that, the researchers turned to solifenacin, the anti-muscarinic drug for overactive bladder; the bladder muscle contains several muscarinic receptors.
18] In men with predominant storage LUTS, anti-muscarinic monotherapy is well tolerated and improves symptoms such as bedwetting and urgency urinary incontinence.
In order to describe the stimulatory activity, tissues were pretreated with an anti-muscarinic substance (Atropine, 0.
Caution should be exercised if anti-muscarinic therapy is used with a PVR greater than 150-250 cc.