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In particular, the anti-abortion movement has capitalised on technological developments through the media by portraying fetuses as children in need of protection.
Willke quit delivering babies in the late 1960s to oppose abortion, retiring from his medical practice in 1988 to fully devote his time to the anti-abortion movement.
He likened the anti-abortion movement to Civil War-era abolitionists and confidently predicted, "We're going to win this fight.
If Bush and Brownback and the anti-abortion movement have their way, it will be, even though the majority of Americans support choice.
The anti-abortion movement, however, intervened and successfully lobbied the government to ban federal funding in the field.
less predictable are his remarks on the anti-abortion movement, which are measured, eve n compassionate.
On the CBS Evening News Dan Rather, while noting that most abortion opponents "are law-abiding citizens," said "Critics charge that rhetoric from the anti-abortion movement is helping to incite this kind of murderous violence.
Mr Leigh is signed up to all the usual obsessions of the Tory right, including the anti-abortion movement.
Her colleagues in the anti-abortion movement huddled under umbrellas outside the center and waved placards.
The front lines of the anti-abortion movement belong to the "personhood'' people, who strive to give constitutional rights and protections to the "preborn'' from the moment of conception.
Henson says this section of the latest UT/TT poll offers a glimpse into public opinion of Planned Parenthood, the organization that has become the main target of the anti-abortion movement.
The Black community has repeatedly rejected the "Religious Right" anti-abortion movement, realizing that if it were concerned about the health and welfare of Black children, it would support education, health care, economic security, affordable housing, and the other resources that families need.