land mine

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A victim-triggered antipersonnel device buried in a road or field and intended to—when trod upon or run over by a vehicle—explode and kill/maim the enemy

land mine

Global village An antipersonnel device buried in a road, field, and countryside, intended to, when stepped on, explode and kill/maim the enemy du jour

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Q. Why do I have major headaches during flight landings? I always get really strong headaches just before landing. Lately, they have been so severe that I honestly feel like my head is going to explode. The closer the plane gets to the ground, the more pain I have. After landing, the pain eases a little but I have a headache at least a day or two afterwards. Do anyone have any suggestions?

A. The air pressure change makes air expand and if your ear canal is blocked –there is a severe pressure on your inner ear/estacian tube. This is painful.
You might try swallowing real hard or yawning, or “popping” your ears. This is called "Valsalva" maneuver :

Q. what are the do and don't do of Allergic people when they go out side to the open land?

A. if seasonal allergy is what you mean -there are certain times a year that you know you get sick. try avoiding long walks in fields of blooming flowers at those times...take antihistamine with you all the time, and don't forget some tissue paper :)

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Meanwhile, in Colombia, although humanitarian detaining "is seriously compromised when illegal armed groups continue contaminating areas vital to community life with antipersonnel mines," says Luz Piedad Herrera, Director of the Anti-Personnel Landmine Observatory, the fight against anti-personal landmines continues under the slogan "We are one in the struggle against landmines: one voice, one conscience, one single force in favor of life and against mines.
He knows very well that the anti-personnel landmine is a highly effective defensive weapon.
policy on anti-personnel landmines and non-lethal weapons.
anti-personnel landmines and get rid of its stockpiles of these weaponries.
8 million development contract to jointly complete development of a hand-emplaced munitions system that will serve as an alternative to or replacement for current non-self-destructing anti-personnel landmines.
All of the British army's anti-personnel landmines have now been destroyed, Defence Secretary Mr George Robertson announced yesterday.
said the most recent contract award puts ATK on all three tracks of the APL-A program, positioning the company at the forefront in the development of next-generation barrier systems that will replace anti-personnel landmines.
NYSE: TXT), announced an agreement to jointly develop and produce a tactical munition system that will serve as an alternative to anti-personnel landmines.
The Mirror today pledges to carry on Princess Diana's fight against the scourge of anti-personnel landmines by launching an appeal that will save thousands of lives.
Thirty nations are engaged in similar national studies as a mandate from the December, 1997, Ottawa Agreement, in which 122 nations signed a global treaty banning anti-personnel landmines.
On December 3, 1997 an international convention banning anti-personnel landmines was opened for signature in Ottawa.
Canada is proud of its leadership on securing the Ottawa treaty to ban anti-personnel landmines last December.