anterior surface

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an·te·ri·or sur·face

the surface of a structure or part of the body that faces forward. TA recognizes an anterior surface (facies anterior ...) of the following structures: heart (... cordis [TA]); cornea (... corneae [TA]); body of maxilla (... corporis maxillae [TA]); lens (... lentis [TA]); eyelids (... palpebrae [TA]); petrous part of temporal bone (... pars petrosi ossis temporalis [TA]); kidney (... renis [TA]); iris (... iridis [TA]); patella (... patellae [TA]); prostate (... prostatae [TA]); radius (... radii [TA]); suprarenal gland (... glandulae suprarenalis [TA]); ulna (... ulnae [TA]); and uterus (... uteri [TA]).
Synonym(s): facies anterior [TA]
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The swelling was visualized arising from the anterior surface of the epiglottis on the right side.
Chelicerae bright orange, paler orange near fang base; scattered long brown setae on anterior surface, setae increasing in length towards fang base; fang pale orange; three promarginal teeth, median tooth largest, distal tooth smallest; two retromarginal teeth, distal tooth largest.
According to Stammberger, one way to find the anterior ethmoid artery by the endoscopic approach is to follow the anterior surface of the ethmoid bulla in the direction of the roof of the ethmoid sinus.
The two major concerns with this route are (1) the need for a wide temporal lobe retraction to permit a broad view of the anterior surface of the petrous pyramid and (2) the difficulty in finding anatomic landmarks that allow for the correct identification of and access to the internal acoustic canal and the fallopian channel without damaging the labyrinth.
Propodeum reticulate rugose; posterior surface with two longitudinal keels; median area less rugose than anterior surface.
The anterior surface of the LMA is a grate made of two bands that traverse across the cuff aperture.
On the left side, the vagus follows the posterior surface of the common carotid artery and crosses the anterior surface of the aortic arch.
Its concave posterosuperior free margin is parallel to the anterior surface of the ethmoid bulla.
So the anterior surface of your body includes your face, the chest, stomach, lower abdomen and the front of the thighs.
A CT scan may reveal the site of perforation or fixation, the presence of a collection, or intestinal loops in contact with the anterior surface of the pubis.
A recentlyperformed MRI in a local hospital revealed a Grade3 osteochondral fracture along the anterior surface of the medial femoral condyle with underlying bone edema," Dr Sohail Saleem, General Manager, sports medicine, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said on Tuesday.

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