anterior cervical decompression and fusion

anterior cervical decompression and fusion (ACDF)

a surgical procedure to treat cervical disk herniation or degeneration in the spine. A diskectomy is performed on the patient, who is under general anesthesia and supine, with the neck extended by a small shoulder roll placed horizontally. Fusion of a bone graft, either an autograft from the patient's iliac crest or an allograft from a bone bank, preserves the disk space and provides spinal stability. A spinal plate and screws are secured to the vertebral bodies above and below the graft. Patients should be observed postoperatively for dysphagia, hematoma, and recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy.
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Anterior cervical decompression and fusion + posterior laminectomy (ACDF+PL).
The investigational group of 242 patients was implanted with the Bryan Cervical Disc, while the control group of 221 patients received a single level anterior cervical decompression and fusion procedure with allograft and plate stabilization.
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