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Durden (1990, table 1) documented six previous studies that report phoresy of Anoplura by Diptera; however, he did not elaborate on the work of Nuttall (1917).
A collection of Anoplura from non-domestic hosts (Anoplura), J.
Ectoparasitos de roedores de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina (Acarina, Anoplura, Mallophaga y Suctoria).
Phthiraptera, Anoplura, Hoplopleuridae Hoplopleura scapteromydis * Ronderos, 1965 Hoplopleura fonsecai * Werneck, 1934 Hoplopleura travassosi * * Werneck, 1932 Hoplopleura aitkeni Jonson, 1972 * Acari Laelapidae Androlaelaps fahrenholzi * * * * (Berlese, 1911) Androlaelaps rotundus * (Fonseca, 1936) Androlaelaps sp.
Records of a collection of Mallophaga and Anoplura from Nicaraguan mammals.