Anonymised Data

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Data from which the patient cannot be identified by the recipient of the information. The name, address, and full post code must be removed together with any other information which, in conjunction with other data held by or disclosed to the recipient, could identify the patient. Unique numbers may be included only if recipients of the data do not have access to the ‘key’ to trace the identity of the patient
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The Origination Insight Report details aggregated, anonymized data and does not disclose client-specific or proprietary information.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Airbnb's release of anonymized data about people who use its site to rent their property "will give New York City the necessary information to craft needed regulations and to enforce them" while still protecting privacy, Consumer Watchdog said today.
After aggregation, the anonymized data must be analyzed and presented in Charts in each product and interpreted in a second step.
Analysis was performed independently of sponsorship and the complete anonymized data set will be released under a Creative Commons license for public review and analysis.
In a future release, Powerit's aggregated energy data--a secure, protected, and anonymized data stream--will allow facilities to benchmark themselves against industry norms and help customers analyze and model potential demand control and demand response savings.
It allows the transmission of specific anonymized data such as remaining driving times.
Reviewing aggregate, anonymized data in the Netskope Active Platform, Netskope identified DLP violations in sensitive content at rest in sanctioned cloud apps and en route to or from a variety of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps.
The analysis, presentation and interpretation is based on the anonymized data.
Affinity's data and analytics services incorporate privacy and security measures using anonymized data to generate offers for brands.
The anonymized data will provide a window into patients' real-world experiences with hepatitis C.
Prior Information Notice: Localization and visualization of anonymized data by mobile operators for the purposes of protection and safety of the population.
com-powered websites, mobile banking, account aggregation and enriched transactions provide segmented customer analysis based on anonymized data that can be used for actionable product offerings.