anomeric carbon

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an·o·mer·ic car·bon

the reducing carbon of a sugar; C-1 of an aldose, C-2 of a 2-ketose.
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Also, considering the nature of the chemistry of the PAE resin (an amino functional polymer) and that the relaxation rates of the carbonyl carbons at 173 ppm and the carbohydrate anomeric carbon at 105 ppm are significantly increased, it is reasonable to assume that the PAE resin is interacting with these soy flour components, most likely via secondary interactions.
The peaks are assigned as follows: 173 ppm to the amino acid carbonyls, 105 ppm to the C-1 anomeric carbons of the carbohydrate, 73 ppm to the carbohydrate CHs having secondary hydroxyls, 60 ppm to the C[H.