Animal-to-Human Transplantation

An as-yet—barring porcine heart valves—hypothetical procedure in which organs would be harvested from animals—e.g., pigs—to replace damaged organs
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Xenotransplantation' is the jargon term for it, but animal-to-human transplantation is what it means.
Yet animal-to-human transplantation (xenotransplantation) and the making of chimera (mixed-species animals and even humans when we put other species into our bodies) deliberately tears down the species barrier, with what should be obvious consequences.
Overall, there does not appear to be any major ethical reason why the medical community should not at least consider animal-to-human transplantation therapies as a possible option to human therapy," the report said.
MIAMI -- New developments in the areas of cloning and animal-to-human transplantation, and in drug discovery and transplant tolerance -- the acceptance of the graft without the need for drugs -- will have the most impact on transplant availability and outcomes, said researchers today who spoke at the International Congress of The Transplantation Society in a session aptly called "What's New and Hot in Transplantation.