animal magnetism

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an·i·mal mag·ne·tism

a putative psychic force akin to the property of mutual attraction or repulsion possessed by metal magnets and formerly believed to be the principal factor in hypnosis, which thus was called animal magnetism. See: hypnosis, mesmerism.
A method of hypnosis that allegedly placed patients in a trance-like state deep enough to allow major surgery without pain, or awareness of the operation, named for Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, who developed it

animal magnetism,

n theory advanced and practiced by Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer in the late 18th century as a healing technique, according to which a natural fluid exists throughout the universe, in and between all people and earthly and heavenly bodies. An imbalance of this fluid in the human body is believed to cause disease, but the fluid can be made to flow from one person to another, as from doctor to patient, to restore equilibrium and thereby cure illness.
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