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an island off the north-west coast of Wales.
Anglesey leg - first prosthetic wooden leg, designed for Henry William Paget, first marquis of Anglesey, 1768-1854.
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Magistrates banned Anglesey from all Premiership and League football grounds for five years,fined him pounds 400 and ordered him to surrender his passport.
Anglesey's discretion, Anglesey will acquire all of the shares of
There are signs that Anglesey Council may be thinking along similar interventionist lines with the 'Energy Island' concept, which has a strategic vision for Anglesey as providing a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy sources including wind and wave, a second nuclear power plant and biomass.
Above, Path Number 8, one of two being disputed on Anglesey |near the Cob in Valley, below; below right, notice at start of the path
The National Assembly does not employ a single person on Anglesey, which has some of Wales's highest unemployment.
The Minister (Carl Sergeant) feels that things are not right on Anglesey so surely he should give the people of Anglesey a chance to vote in an election as soon as possible.
The latest marketing campaign by the Anglesey Tourism Association seeks to recreate that reputation with its "Mon Amour" catchphrase.
In those early years the RAF annual investment on Anglesey was about PS42million, this could have attracted more government investment on the North Wales railway line perhaps even electrification.
More than 40 turbine applications have been submitted to Anglesey council, with fears they could blight the landscape of the island.
Campaigners hope the red and yellow design featuring three lions will soon be seen flying over Anglesey following recognition by the Flag Institute.
The Genesis 2 Wales Anglesey provides guidance and practical support and recently helped a number of long term unemployed regain their confidence through the STEPS (Steps to Excellence for Personal Success) programme.
Albert Owen MP has urged residents to go out and watch not only the Tour of Britain which launches from Beaumaris on Sunday but also the three-day Ring of Fire race which circumnavigates Anglesey.