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Angest has provided the Tories with cheap loans worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.
But Mr Angest sounded a note of caution, as pretax profits at the trust bank arm of the business fell from pounds 3.
Commenting on the results as a whole, Mr Angest said 'We have continued to invest in our people and products across the group's business.
Chairman and chief executive Henry Angest said: 'The appointments of Keith Deakin and Derek Pearson to the main board reflect the importance to the group of Birmingham-based Secure Trust Bank, which provides financial services to some 54,000 households, mainly in the West Midlands.
And chairman Henry Angest is known to have been looking to expand into public company finance and equity sales since the late 1990s, having already turned down several potential opportunties for being too expensive.
However, chairman Henry Angest said that the figure of pounds 4.
However, the group has increased operating income despite the deteriorating economy and unsettled financial markets,' added chairman Henry Angest.
While initiatives such as these are leading to costs rising in the short term, the directors are convinced that the long-term benefits will be positive for the group,' said millionaire chairman Mr Henry Angest.
Secure Trust chairman Mr Henry Angest said Secure Trust would pay an initial consideration of pounds 1 million with further payments dependent on the future profitability of London-based Weinel.
37(36) HENRY ANGEST pounds 40 million (pounds 36 million)
Chairman Mr Henry Angest said: "The Secure Trust Banking Group has demonstrated over the last 20 years its ability to increase profits year after year through difficult times as well as good times.
Of course, chairman Henry Angest - who retains a 40 per cent stake - benefits most.