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(ăn′fən-sən), Christian Boehmer 1916-1995.
American biochemist. He shared a 1972 Nobel Prize for pioneering studies of ribonuclease.
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The two-year-old site, formally known as the urban operations complex, is "growing every day," Anfinsen said.
Inert smoky rockets are fired at aircraft to simulate SAM attacks, Anfinsen said.
At this stage of the scenario, we basically stopped the enemy advance, and now we're starting to push them back," Anfinsen said.
I selected Christian Anfinsen s new Section on Metabolism in the Laboratory of Cellular Physiology and Metabolism, which had recently initiated research on plasma lipoproteins and the "clearing factor", soon thereafter identified by Ed Korn as a lipoprotein lipase (21).
Anfinsen was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1972.
Anfinsen on one of the first biotechnology-derived products, human interferon alpha.