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Andalusian, Andalucian

breeds of animals named after the Spanish province of Andalusia.

Andalusian ass
gray donkey, origin of American and other ass breeds.
Andalusian cattle
three varieties, a dark, black-brown, a yellow, and gray, of meat and draft cattle, with open lyre horns, bred in southern Spain.
Andalusian horse
Spanish breed of light horse originating from Arab and Barb. Brown, gray or black, about 15.2 hands high. Origin of many breeds of horses and of criollo and mustang.
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Andalusian horse. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
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Due to this, the term "Arab" encompasses Persian, Indian, Turkish, Syrian, Egyptian, Berber, Andalusian and others.
He examines how it is being cultivated as a marker of Andalusian identity and a patrimonial symbol of Andalusian autonomy, how Andalusians have avoided transforming it into a fixed and well-defined patrimonial object, and the government's reluctance to define flamenco.
Princess Adela bint Abdullah, president of the Advisory Board of the National Museum, said the exhibition was a gesture of appreciation for the Andalusians, who with their passion for gardening, benefiting from Persian to Roman cultures, had established a pattern of their own, while expressing openness for other civilizations.
In 711, Islam entered Andalusia, and in 40 years, many Andalusians became Muslims.
Andalusians also known as the Horse of Kings (or the Pure Spanish Horse) is a breed developed in the Iberian Peninsula, very similar to its close relation, the Lusitano.
David Villa's brace in the final 20 minutes was enough to see off a spirited challenge from the Andalusians at La Rosaleda.
More than 200 horses will be in the show, including Andalusians, Lusitanians, Arabians and Clydesdales.
He asserts that flamenco is more than the dance many people are familiar with; flamenco is not the only, or even the most widely spread, Spanish folk or popular music, but rather a music phenomenon mostly confined to Andalusia and cities where Andalusians have migrated Totton acknowledges the essential influence of the Gypsies in the creation and, even more importantly, the dissemination of flamenco, but other cultural groups are also recognized.
Apassionata will present five of the royal baroque horse breeds, with dancing Andalusians, fiery Arabians, powerful Friesians, elegant Lipizzaners and royal Lusitanos, demonstrating classical horsemanship.
The 30 equine stars include Lipizzaners, Lusitanos and Andalusians.
Armed with a modest budget of about 125 million pesetas, approximately less than half the average budget for a Spanish feature, and a cast and technical crew primarily comprised of fellow Andalusians, Zambrano set out to shoot a film about familiar experiences.
In The History of the Maghrib, Ralph Mantheim states that the Andalusians introduced court etiquette, formalism and diplomacy into North African society.