Ancylostoma tubaeforme

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Ancylostoma tubaeforme

a species found in the cat; cutaneous larva migrans is seen in humans.

An·cy·los·to·ma tu·bae·for·me

(an'si-lo-stō'mă tū'bē-fōr'mē)
A nematode species found in cats; cutaneous larva migrans worms are seen in humans.


a genus of nematode parasites (hookworm) belonging to the family Ancylostomatidae.

Ancylostoma brasiliense
a species parasitic in dogs and cats in tropical and subtropical regions; its larvae may cause creeping eruption in humans.
Ancylostoma caninum
the common hookworm of dogs.
Ancylostoma ceylanicum
a hookworm of dogs and cats in Asia; resembles A. braziliense.
Ancylostoma tubaeforme
the hookworm of cats.