Ancient Schwannoma

A benign, potentially large peripheral nerve tumour that is most common in the retroperitoneal space, characterised by cyst formation, calcification, hyalinisation, and haemorrhage
Management Simple excision
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Schwannoma, ancient schwannoma, peripheral nerve sheath tumor, pediatric patient.
Based on all the features, final diagnosis of ancient schwannoma rendered.
Ancient schwannoma of the mouth floor - A case report and review.
Ancient schwannoma is a sub-type of schwannomas that is quite rare.
Retroperitoneal bolgede ise oldukca nadirdirler Ancient schwannoma ise oldukca az gorulen bir subtipdir.
4) Mitoses are rare and the nuclei are usually cytologically bland with tapered ends; however, nuclear pleomorphism and atypia may occur as a result of degenerative change, the term ancient schwannoma being used when these changes are prominent.
No mitotic activity was seen and was suggestive of an Ancient Schwannoma (Figure: 2).
Features are suggestive of schwannoma with degenerative changes: Ancient Schwannoma (Figure: 4).
where a 35-year-old woman who had bilateral adrenal masses had undergone laparoscopic adrenalectomy under the suspicion of a malignant tumor, however, pathologic findings indicated a retroperitoneal ancient schwannoma (4).
Ancient schwannoma masquerading as parotid pleomorphic adenoma.
Ancient schwannoma of the posterolateral pharynx: A benign lesion commonly mistaken for sarcoma.
These include pleomorphic lipoma, pleomorphic leiomyoma,[6] ancient schwannoma,[7] pleomorphic fibroma,[8] and variants of dermatofibroma with atypical cells, known as dermatofibroma with monster cells.
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